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Japanese beauty has a holistic and natural approach to skin care, and is recognized for its hydrating and soothing benefits.

J-Beauty is all about loving, mindful rituals in caring for your skin. A simple yet consistent routine, with just a few high-performing products in streamlined steps in a "less is more" approach. 

Learn more on Japanese beauty and wellness and our amazing brands in our blog posts below. 

Beauty | Brands | Event | Interview | Personal Story | Wellness

Brands | Interview | Wellness

How Aromatherapy influences Our Wellbeing

A conversation with @aroma's scent architect Maurice Joosten on benefits of using the healing power of natural essential oils.

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Beauty | Interview | Personal Story | Wellness

J-Beauty and Balance with Keiko Suyama

The beauty consultant and creative director shares her vision of beauty, everyday Japanese wellness rituals, and more.

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Beauty | Interview

Winter Beauty tips by Sterre Rose

Founder Sterre Rose shares her tips to get through the colder season with healthy glowing skin, and a peaceful mind. Featured in JAN Magazine Winter Special October 2019. 

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Brands | Interview

Meet the Founder of Makanai Beauty

Interview with Founder Mayumi Tachikawa at Makanai Flagship Store in Tokyo, to learn more about the unique brand heritage and her vision behind the brand.

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