5 Skincare Trends from BeautyWorld Tokyo

BeautyWorld Japan 2019

If there is one place to discover what’s next in the world of beauty, it is BeautyWorld Japan. Taking place in thrilling metropolis Tokyo, I attended its 22nd edition and got new insights on the latest Japanese beauty innovation.

BeautyWorld hosts over 620 exhibitors and 75.000 industry professionals each year at the iconic Tokyo Big Sight and is the key place to be to find the latest in true skincare innovation based on science and research. Japanese beauty is on the forefront of technological advances, and is one to three years ahead of the Western world.

My skincare studies in Okinawa last year sparked my fascination with Japanese beauty that harmoniously combines traditional ritual with cutting-edge technology. After adopting a Japanese skincare routine and noticing great benefits for my skin, I created Sterre Rose Beauty to share my passion by engaging and inspiring people around Japanese beauty techniques and product.

At BeautyWorld I discovered a fascinating fusion the world’s best skincare brands, inner beauty products, and high-tech skincare devices: anything you can imagine to achieve ‘Bihaku’ skin (meaning clear, smooth and supple skin in Japanese), and spotted five key skincare trends.


Skincare and nutrition are interconnected.

Enzyme and herbzyme drinks, fermented vegetable juice, herb teas, collagen drinks, and beauty jelly…  a large number of new beauty drinks and supplements were presented.  

Inner beauty is a popular new beauty category, in which health and beauty are linked. The brands believe in ‘healthy beauty’ from the inside out. A focus on intestinal condition and creating a better skin by feeding the skin with active ingredients from the inside. This trend flows from the global health and holistic beauty movement, and I expect this trend to become even bigger over the years to come.


The use of raw sea materials in skincare. 

The use of seawater in cosmetics is referred to as ‘Thalassotherapy’ ( from the Greek word Thalassa, meaning ‘sea’).  Seawater is beloved for its skin regenerating, moisturising, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Seaweed (or algae) is a key ingredient in a Japanese diet and has been incorporated into many skincare products as well. Algae is rich in natural polysaccharides, the molecule that provides incredible moisture-retaining properties, replenishing the skin’s moisture reservoir, leading to a glowing complexion.

One product that stood out is Dr. Recella’s Moisture White. This product is a lotion, serum and moisturiser in one, with a special regenerating Deep Sea water from Okinawa (called αGri-X) as hero-ingredient. αGri-X contains a mineral balance close to the human body, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the dermis.

Dr. Recella

Another brand I loved was Bijou de Mer:  a cosmetic brand formulated with a high concentration of advanced marine microbial resources, focused on skin rejuvenation. 



Human Stem Cell Technology adopted by the cosmetics industry.

One of the latest skincare innovations is stem cell skincare, with -believe it or not-, human stem cells. Plant-derived stem cells have been used by the industry in the past years, however the use of human stem cells in skincare is a recent breakthrough. 

Stem cell technology is a fascinating area of medical research. The term ‘stem cells’ refers to a rather broad category of cells that participate in tissue generation, regeneration, and renewal. Stem cells play an important role in skin visibly repairs and rejuvenates itself once it has been damaged. Not surprisingly, the potential breakthroughs of stem cells have been adopted by the cosmetics industry and used to promote stem cell creams and stem cell serums for anti-aging.

Check out this article to learn more about Human stem cell skincare.


Innovative forms of protection against UV and pollution. 

We all know the importance of protecting your skin against UV rays. But today, there are ways, other than applying sunscreen, to protect your skin. Innovative forms of UV Care were presented such as advanced UV-cut beauty powders, and supplements you can take instead of using sunscreen to protect your skin from UV while enjoying ‘sunshine vitamin’ D.

Kilona UV sunscreen is a new product with a quantum physics (!) ‘plus-element’ to counteract pollution next to UV. This element is Liquilight which protects your skin against electromagnetic waves and works on the disturbed body balance at quantum level. This not only improves the skin, but also the physical condition. The product is certified organic and scores the highest default value in Japan from SPF50+ PA++++.  

The SPF rating on a sunscreen bottle stands for Sun Protection Factor, a measurement of protection from the sun’s burn-causing UVB rays. UVA rays are present too, and are known as the sun’s silent killers because you don’t feel them affecting skin. This is where the PA rating comes in play. The letter “PA” followed by plus signs on a label are a rating system developed in Japan to represent how much UVA protection the product offers.


Advanced Skin Treatments at the comfort of your own home. 

From light therapy to futuristic-looking at-home beauty devices….at BeautyWorld you could find the latest beauty tools, and of course I had to try a few on site.

Beauty LED Device
LED (light-emitting diode) is a semiconductor that illuminates a specific color (wavelength) of light. Each color has different benefits for the skin. The research of its use has begun by NASA, for finding ways to grow plants in deep space during their space shuttle missions. LED has become one of the sought-after promising technologies to the beauty industry today.

Galvanic Water Peelers 
This high-tech tool uses galvanic ions and light sources. It has multiple functions that improves the skin for a more radiant complexion and resilient skin. It gently removes dead skin cells using water and ultrasonic vibrations. The blue light reduces redness and acne. The red light is effective against fine lines and sagging skin.


The Future of Skincare is Bright 

All in all I was fascinated by all the latest technological advancements presented at BeautyWorld — and became convinced Japan is where to go for skincare innovation.  I was impressed by the complete approach to skincare – feeding skin from inside with nutrients, protecting against sun and pollution, promoting skin renewal with high tech devices, and nourishing with rich high quality skincare products — and I can’t wait to see these trends to be further adopted in the Western world. 

Want to learn more and stay updated on all things Japanese beauty?

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