Organic Camellia Oil Cold Pressed 30ML

Organic Camellia Oil Cold Pressed 30ML

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100% natural, organic cold-pressed Camellia Oil, also known as Japanese Rose oil. An excellent multipurpose moisturiser for face, body, and hair.

Very high in antioxidants with rejuvenating benefits, increasing elasticity and hydration levels of the skin and preventing the formation of wrinkles. Also ideal to prevent stretch marks. 

Bio. Vegan. Cruelty Free. 

  • Features

    Suitable for

    All skin types.
      Especially recommended for dry, sensitive and mature skin

    All hair types.
      Especially recommended for dry, brittle hair


    Size: 30ML 

    Key benefits

    • Multipurpose nourishing oil for face, body and hair
    • Restores the elasticity and smoothes the skin
    • Camellia oil absorbs quickly without a greasy after feel
    • Extreme and long-lasting hydration
    • High active concentration of antioxidants, and essential fatty acids
    • Bio and Vegan Certification 
  • How to use

    Instructions for Use

    1. FACE - Nourishing Face Serum

    • Use a few times a week, nightly, after cleansing and before moisturising
    • Warm a few drops in the palms of your hands
    • Gently press over face, neck and décolletage

    2. BODY - Nourishing Body Oil

    • Warm in the palms of the hands and rub all over the body until well absorbed
    • Use directly after shower or bath for optimum results

    3, HAIR - Nourishing Leave-In Conditioning Hair Treatment

    • Towel dry hair after washing
    • Put a few drops of Camellia oil into your palms and warm the oil by rubbing hands together 
    • Using fingertips, apply into hair, especially the hair ends which tend to be drier and more subject to breakage and damage
  • Ingredients


    100% natural virgin camellia oil (Japanese Rose) of the highest quality, cold pressed without chemical procedures.*

    * The camellia oil might have a distinct scent from the camellia flower seed - this is completely normal as it is a 100% natural cold pressed oil, without additions of any chemicals or perfumes. The cold pressing procedure ensures the most antioxidant properties are maintained. 

    Formulated without: 

    Any chemicals additives, parabens, perfumes