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IRÉN Skin redefines skincare through science, nature and cutting-edge technology. They don’t believe in one size fits all skincare, so they developed smart customizable solutions for the unique skin, created for busy women. 

Superfruit Booster Serums are designed to cater to different skin conditions, to allow fun and simple customization. A range of 7 serums (each with a specific function) that can be mixed up to 3 and used in a single step to create a customized superserum tailored to your individual skin needs! With 35 unique combinations, no skin is left behind.

IRÉN Skin has simplified the art of layering by allowing serums to be mixed without contradication and used in one single step thanks to their Ziplock Encapsulation™ technology. The freshness of each active ingredient is "zip-locked" with a time-release effect for optimum skincare efficacy and enhanced penetration into the deeper dermis layer. 

Each serum is f
ormulated with natural superfruits and the maximum dosage of actives. IRÉN Skin is scientifically-proven, clean, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Over 2.000 potentially harmful and toxic ingredients have been blacklisted. This is J-Beauty with a modern twist - fun, customized and effective! 

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