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Smoke-Free Bamboo Charcoal Incense
Smoke-Free Bamboo Charcoal Incense
Smoke-Free Bamboo Charcoal Incense
Smoke-Free Bamboo Charcoal Incense
Smoke-Free Bamboo Charcoal Incense
Smoke-Free Bamboo Charcoal Incense

Smoke-Free Bamboo Charcoal Incense


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These incense sticks are traditionally made in Kyoto from 100% natural ingredients: incense, bamboo charcoal and natural aromatic essences. 

Incense is recognized among the Japanese for its many aromatherapeutic benefits: it helps calm the mind, promotes better sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, improves concentration and relieves pain.

Japanese incense is subtle, elegant, soft and exquisite. Available in three natural scents: bamboo, sandalwood, cherry blossoms. 


No animal testing.


100% natural


Free of any animal components and/or animal by-products.

Choose a variant: Bamboo Sandalwood Cherry Blossoms
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• Traditional sticks of natural bamboo charcoal incense
• Size: 50 sticks, 9 cm 
• Made in: Kyoto, Japan


Key benefits
• Natural Japanese bamboo charcoal incense
• Aromatherapeutic benefits
• Subtle, elegant, soft and exquisite aroma
• Made from 100% natural ingredients 
• Ideal for meditation, yoga or before bedtime
• Smoke-free

How to use

How to use and care tips
• Place a stick on an incense holder, for example Luna Brass Incense Holder
• Light the incense with an open flame until a very light smoke appears
• If the flame does not go out by itself, blow lightly on it to extinguish it while preserving the incandescence
• Enjoy the exquisite incense scent

Precautions for use
• Avoid placing near flammable objects near
• Do not place anything flammable under the incense and a metal Incense tray is preferred to hold it
• Do not leave incense without monitoring
• Avoid making the incense stick wet


Ingredients List
• Incense: from the island of Awaji, Hyogo, in Japan, where 70% of Japanese domestic incenses is produced
• Bamboo charcoal: limits the emission of smoke during combustion
• Natural perfume: oils and essences extracted from different plants depending on the chosen scent: bamboo, cherry blossoms, sandalwood. 

Made from 100% natural ingredients 

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