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5 Beauty Secrets from Japan

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Before I embraced a Japanese beauty ritual, my relationship with my skin was often adverse. Like many of us, I was mostly focused on the way my skin looked––not how it felt, nor its state of health. Sometimes I worked against it by using too harsh products, failing to see my skin was craving for a healthier approach and natural quality care instead of a quick fix.

What I love most about Japanese beauty is that it has a gentle, holistic approach to skincare

My skincare studies in Japan allowed me to absorb some significant lessons about their highly evolved beauty culture, and helped shaped my thoughts on beauty. Now, I feel more ‘skin conscious’ and learned to love, and respect my skin in a way I never did before. The most valuable lesson Japanese beauty has taught me is that skin care is about consistency and care. If you treat your skin gently and with respect, it will reward you with a healthy radiance.


Less is more. Quality over Quantity. 

Skincare is deeply rooted in Japanese culture, and it is believed beauty is based on healthy skin. Japanese women prioritise a clear, smooth complexion, using a curated skincare ritual. Less is More, looking at the number of products in their routine, as well as the selected number of ingredients in formulas. Fewer components mean that each ingredient must be of the highest quality to ensure efficacy. Each product is essential in their routine and a beloved treatment.  

RUHAKU 4-Step Skin Ritual



Your skin is the outward reflection of your health.

Japanese women are acutely aware of the fact that their skin is a reflection of their health. They have a plant-rich, clean diet and know how to avoid certain foods for healthy skin. Some favourites of the Japanese diet are beloved ingredients in modern skincare formulas too, such as rice, yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) and green tea). It makes sense that what is healthy for the body is also healthy for the skin. The idea of diet-skin connection is a growing concept in the Western world.

The idea of diet-skin connection is a growing concept in the Western world.

I grew more aware that skin is our largest organ, and now see skin as a reflection of my body and health. Instead of targeting dark circles or impurities, I learned to reflect on the deeper causes. Have I been putting too much stress on myself lately? Did I drink too much coffee? Did a lack of sleep or unhealthy diet result in dull skin?



Skincare doesn't have to feel like a chore. 

Most inspiring was how most Japanese women treated and enjoyed their skincare regimens as a spiritual and peaceful ritual, not a chore. As skincare is an everyday action, it is important to create a ritual that you love. Through peaceful rituals, you will calm your mind and heart in addition to caring for your skin. Elevate your skincare routine into something mindful, and healing. Perform it consciously, with gentleness, precision and care. 

Elevate your skincare routine into something mindful, and healing. 


Remain consistent, committed and patient. 

A clear complexion is a longer-term result from healthy diet, quality products, and a consistent skincare routine. When it comes to beauty, the Japanese have perfected the art of patience. Japanese women remain disciplined in following a beauty routine. The Japanese skincare ritual isn’t about overnight transformations. It’s about long term beauty care. It’s about meaningful moments of caring for your skin every single day. 

It’s about meaningful moments of caring for your skin every single day. 


We are 'perfectly imperfect'. 

The Japanese concept of wabi-sabi instantly intrigued me. Rooted in Zen Buddhist teachings (Shinto and Buddhism are two of Japan’s major religions), wabi-sabi is based on the commonly held Japanese notion that true beauty doesn’t lie in perfection, but rather in imperfection and impermanence.

Japanese skincare focuses on a complete cycle of skin health: prevention, protection, and education, rather than just 'anti-aging'. My skincare teacher in Okinawa instilled in me the idea that aging is a natural part of life and, thus should be approached gracefully. The mindset toward aging is about Having the best skin of your life––at any age. 

Striving for your best skin ever–at any age 
is a more balanced and attainable approach. 

Nobody can stop time and aging is a natural process that shouldn't be fought against. Striving for your best skin ever––at any age is a more balanced and attainable approach. We should focus on giving our skin the protection, attention and care it deserves by following a consistent routine with high-quality natural products and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

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