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3 Natural Japanese Skincare Ingredients


Many of the ingredients that are found in the Japanese diet are used in skincare formulas too! Naturally, what is healthy for the body is also healthy for the skin––it is our largest organ. Japanese beauty holds some of the most potent natural ingredients that have been used for centuries. Meet below 3 of these ingredients, and how to start using in your skin routine to transform your complexion.


Camellia oil, known as Japanese Rose or tsubaki-oil is used in edible cooking oil. Furthermore, it has also been touted as the beauty secret of the geishas for centuries. Blossom-light and deeply nourishing, geishas first began using the oil to remove their heavy performance-style makeup. Discovering how soft and supple feeling it left the skin, camellia oil became a staple in their coveted beauty regimens.

Camellia oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamins A, B, D and E. It strengthens the natural skin barrier function by replenishing essential lipids, locking in moisture and enhancing elasticity.

Incorporate Camellia oil in your skin routine:
• Camellia Beauty Set featuring cold-pressed camellia oil and soap. Multi-use product, use as makeup remover, serum, body oil or hair treatment.


Getttou is a plant related to ginger which grows on Okinawa, and is used in the region as a herbicide in cooking and medicine. Okinawa archipelago is under strong UV radiation and exposed to a constant powerful sea breeze, and its plants grow in a hostile environment. They survive thanks to their strong antioxidant levels.

The antioxidant has strong benefits to maintain beauty and a healthy skin; correcting signs of age, preventing sunburn, and aiding skin repair. Gettou has exceptionally high antioxidant levels (containing 30 times more polyphenols than red wine), and delivers radical rejuvenating results. Moreover, Gettou has calming aromatherapy benefits. 

Incorporate Gettou in your skin routine:
• On Okinawa, Gettou is grown without pesticides and picked by hand – two conditions to obtain Ruhaku’s certified organic ECOCERT label. Each product in RUHAKU Skincare line contains star ingredient Gettou.


A sweet and sour citrus fruit from Japan, Yuzu is often known as the Japanese grapefruit. The fruit isn’t usually eaten whole–but is used as seasoning in teas, liquor and more. 

Yuzu contains powerful vitamin C, boosting skin immunity and the production of collagen which firms the skin, as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Yuzu is perfect to brighten your complexion and enhance radiance. The citrus aroma helps to energize your senses and mood.

Incorporate Yuzu in your skin routine:
• Energising Silk Hand & Body Wash + Energising Silk Hand & Body Lotion. Tip: use in your morning beauty ritual for an uplifted start of the day. 

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