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Choosing Your IRÉN Skin Serum Combination

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IRÉN Skin is the first customizable clean beauty brand from Japan, and we are proud to have recently launched this J-Beauty innovation on Sterre Rose Beauty!

Superfruit Booster Customized Serums are made to be customizable according to individual skin needs and concerns. A range of 7 serums, all formulated with the maximum dosage of active ingredients and natural super fruits. Each serum caters to specific skin conditions, and can be mixed up to 3 and used in a single step. 

Mix your serums to have a personalised treatment for that targets your individual skin concerns, for optimum skincare efficacy. You can create a perfect blend for your skin from 35 unique combinations

But how do you choose the ideal serum combination for your skin? 
We are here to help you find it !

Step 1 - Evaluate Current Skin Needs

To evaluate your skin's needs, focus on skin condition rather than skin type. Our skin condition fluctuates because of changes in environment, age, stress, hormones and lifestyle. Our skin changes all the time, so by focusing on skin concerns, we are sure to be treating the exact skin issue at the right time.Think of your skin condition now, listen to your skin and understand what your skin needs. How does your skin look, and feel? Is there flakiness or redness? Are there fine lines or blemishes?

Step 2 - Serum Combination Chart

After analysing your skin, below chart helps you find your serum combination. 

- In the table below you will find combination suggestions for many different skin concerns. There are no restrictions on which serum can be mixed with which others.
- To use the table, refer to the left column and choose the skin concern applicable, then refer to the right row and choose the second one. 
- You will then see a serum combination suggestion for your skin needs. Please note the table is meant to be used as a guidance.  

Still unsure what serum combination is best for your skin? Simply contact us, and we'll be happy to advice you. 

Have fun mixing & matching! x

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