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                      June 2021

                                             MADE IN JAPAN
Sterre Rose: "Beauty & wellbeing are an art in Japan.
Traditional rituals and know-how are combined with nature
and active ingredients from innovative biotechnologies.
This combination makes Japanese skincare very effective,
and to me infinitely fascinating."

                                                 April 2021

                                    MADE IN JAPAN
"IRÉN is cruelty free skincare based on skin condition.
7 serums with encapsulated ingredients that work
in synergy.

RUHAKU is a Japanese cruelty free brand
with botanical extracts & herbs."

                                           April 2021

                            NEW RITUAL
"Japanese beauty rituals consist of more steps
than just applying a moisturizer. The Japanese
skin brand IRÉN caters to different skin conditions,
such as aging, dullness, sensitivity or dehydration.
Glow-Getter Renewal Serum revives dull skin
and provides a beautiful glow."

                                Feb 2021

                             MIX & MATCH
"Each of these IRÉN Skin serums from Japan
is formulated with specific ingredients (such as
avocado, goji-berry, and blueberry) to target
specific skin concerns. You don't have to make
a choice––the serums can be mixed together."

                                   Jan 2021

                          BOOMING IN BEAUTYLAND
"Customized skincare is in high demand in 2021.
IRÉN Skin offers seven serums that you can "layer"
per 3, so that you are assured of a perfect serum blend
adapted to your specific skin condition."

                                          Jan 2021

                     MIX & MATCH
"These vegan serums from Japan
with superfruits such as avocado, goji-berry
and beetroot can be mixed together to
deliver glowing, firm and smooth skin."

                           Jan 2021

                             FRESH FROM JAPAN
"Dryness, oiliness, pigmentation... for each skin concern
the Japanese brand IRÉN has a healing serum,
which you can also mix together."

                                    Dec/Jan 2021

"New from Japan. Seven serums (sorted per
skin concern) of which you can use three in one go.
That results in many different combinations!"
GLOW-GETTER Renewal Serum €33

                                Dec/Jan 2021

"They are from Japan and look colourful:
7 serums formulated with natural superfruits.
You can find a serum to target any skin concern.
They can be mixed to create a superbooster."

                                        Dec 2020

"Het Japanse merk IRÉN Skin creëert serums
jullie kunnen samen mixen. De Duwvariant
is samengesteld met bosbessenextract en
hyaluronzuur voor optimale hydratatie."

Nov 2020

"We live in a era of conscious consumption.
IRÉN was created for smart women who want
to know exactly what they put on their skin."

                                  Nov 2020

"7 intelligent superfruit serums for 7 different
skin concerns. They seamlessly fit into any skin ritual.
Made in Japan, 100% transparent & clean."

                                         Nov 2020

"This serum with avocado, cucumber and aloe vera
calms sensitive skin in two phases. The healing phase
reduces redness, the hydrating phase protects
the moisture barrier."

                                        Nov 2020

"Presenting a collection of seven mixable serums
the clean beauty brand IRÉN Skin offers a revolutionary
new take on traditional Japanese skincare philosophy."

                                             Oct 2020

  "This Japanese skincare brand did not take
  skin type, but skin condition as its principle.
  The result? Seven superfruit serums, each with a
  specific focus. Super effective, as skin concerns
  always consist of several pillars."

                                     Oct 2020

                    WAKE UP CALL FOR YOUR SKIN
"For skin-hydrating layering, gently pat in Japanese lotion
-Clear Moist Lotion, RUHAKU, €44,99, 100ml
-Skin Clear Silky Lotion, Makanai, €39,99, 100ml
Shop at the J-Beauty webshop"

                                          May 2020

"Instead of disposal after one-time use,
this Cotton Facial Steam Mask with collagen,
Vitamin E and squalane can be reused."
€32, via

                                 May 2020

                                 SO MATTE
"So ideal! Blotting papers to mattify
excess facial oil and shine. Simply blot over face
to instantly mattify skin." Mattifying Blotting Paper €8
                                   May 2020

Founder Sterre Rose shares her best winter beauty
and wellness tips for wintertime inspired by Japan.
For ENG interview, head to 'Blogs' section.

                      Winter Edition 2019

                                          OILED UP
"The Japanese RUHAKU has an amazing cleansing oil
with Gettou, a plant related to ginger. A mix of natural
oils calms the skin. Complete the RUHAKU Ritual
with their other three skin products."

                                            Oct 2019

                               SCRUB LIKE CRAZY
     "If you want glowing skin, emulate the Japanese
      and stick to a great cleansing routine."
      RUHAKU Reset Cleansing Oil, €39,99, 100ML
     Washi Paper Body Scrub Towel, Silk White, €25

                               Winter Edition 2019

"Fresh from Tokyo. This amazing hydrating
sheet mask your skin absorbs in just 10 minutes.
Mitomo Collagen Sheet Mask, €5,49

                                  Oct 2019

              PASSION FOR J-BEAUTY
Interview with founder Sterre Rose
for social Beauty platform We Are Eves.
                          Sept 2019

                           FROM EAST TO WEST
"Sterre Rose Beauty specialises in Japanese skincare.
In this e-store you will find special niche brands."

                                        Sept 2019

                         WHO TO FOLLOW?
"Are you interested in Japanese beauty rituals?
Then follow J-Beauty expert @sterrerosebeauty
 In her beautywebshop you'll find coveted
Japanese beauty brands."                              
                                 Aug 2019

                                    CLEAN UP
"Touch-up anytime, anywhere, with compact
Japanese blotting paper. It absorbs excess facial oil
while leaving make-up in place, leaving behind perfect
matte skin. So convenient!" Mattifying Blotting Paper €8

                                     Aug 2019

"If you have sensitive skin and you’re excited
to try Japanese skin cleanse products,
RUHAKU is definitely worth investing in."
Clear Moist Lotion €44,99

                              Jun 2019

"Sterre Rose is expert in the field of Japanese beauty.
She founded online beautyshop Sterre Rose Beauty,
specialized in natural, organic skincare from Japan."

                                         May 2019

                                        BIG IN JAPAN
"Do you love everything the Japanese beauty scene
has to offer? Head to the new Dutch J-Beauty webshop
Sterre Rose Beauty to find the best skincare secrets
from the Land of the Rising Sun."
                                          Apr 2019

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