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Welcome to Sterre Rose Beauty! We deliver the best of Japanese beauty and wellness through a selection of natural, organic brands. We launched in the Netherlands in 2019, and ship internationally, with customers from all over Europe and the US.

Sterre Rose Beauty takes you to the wonderful world of J-Beauty, where tradition and innovation are harmoniously intertwined. 
The Japanese art of natural beauty and wellbeing, is based on ancient know-how and rituals, the power of nature, and revolutionary biotechnology. Their refined beauty culture has resulted in top quality skin care. 

Founder Sterre Rose carefully selected each product based on simplicity, purity and efficacy. Her mission is to help you create your beauty balance. All products are formulated with the finest ingredients, cruelty-free and embody gentle strength and efficacy; delivering a perfect balance between natural care, quality performance and a wellbeing vibe. For today's sophisticated woman that wants a simple skin routine using natural, no-compromise beauty care. 


✓ High quality Japanese beauty brands
✓ Natural, cruelty-free, potent and safe skincare
✓ Honest beauty advice
✓ Direct contact with Japanese brands and official partners
✓ Europe lab tested and registered, 100% EU guarantee



Sterre Rose Beauty




Sterre Rose Beauty was born from my passion for natural beauty, wellbeing and fascination with Japanese culture. My skincare studies in Okinawa, Japan, one of the world's Blue Zones, renowned for longevity and healthy aging, sparked my passion for Japanese beauty. Here, I fell in love with the way Japanese women care for their skin.

Their holistic approach looks to skin as a reflection of overall health, and is about consistent mindful rituals to nurture oneself. After adopting a Japanese beauty routine coveted for its hydrating and soothing benefits, I became obsessed with the amazing results and instantly knew I would like to share these beauty secrets.

I founded Sterre Rose Beauty to share with you the Japanese beauty brands that I believe in. All personally selected and curated to provide you with a simple yet effective beauty routine. Much love, 

Sterre Rose


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