Welcome to Sterre Rose Beauty, the Dutch platform for Japanese beauty! Launched in 2019, with customers from all over Europe and the US.

Our online collection presents the best of Japanese skincare and wellness brands, delivering high quality performance to sophisticated women that want a simple skin routine using natural, no-compromise beauty care. Founder Sterre Rose hand-picked each product based on simplicity, purity and efficacy. Her mission is to inspire you to develop a stronger and healthier skin connection by sharing Japanese beauty philosophy, technique and product. 

Discover a Japanese beauty collection that brings a harmonious balance between quality performance and a wellbeing vibe. Curated for the conscious woman that loves to find inspirations from Japanese culture, especially when it addresses her needs in terms of natural beauty and moments of wellness. 



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Sterre Rose Beauty was born from my lifelong passion for natural skincare, holistic beauty and fascination with Japanese culture. I have always been interested in beauty, but felt something was missing from the Western approach. As I began to learn more about the Japanese approach to taking care of one's skin, I noticed that Japanese beauty brands were receiving rave reviews and became curious to try this for myself. 

My skincare studies in Okinawa, Japan, one of the world's Blue Zones, renowned for longevity and healthy aging, sparked my passion for Japanese beauty. Their holistic approach looks to skin as a reflection of overall health, and is about mindful rituals of caring for your skin. I adopted a Japanese skin ritual known for its hydrating and soothing benefits. Obsessed with the powerful results, I instantly knew I would like to share these beauty secrets. 

I founded Sterre Rose Beauty to share with you the Japanese beauty brands that I believe in; all hand-picked based on simplicity, purity and efficacy; and carefully curated to provide you with a simple yet effective skin routine. Hoping you will fall in love with Japanese beauty as much as I have. Much love, 

Sterre Rose