Welcome to Sterre Rose Beauty, the one stop beauty shop with a personal touch, dedicated to Japanese skincare.
Sterre Rose founded Sterre Rose Beauty in 2019. 

Mission & Vision
I believe that taking great care of your skin doesn’t have to be complicated — just a few simple, consistent steps with quality products. My mission is to inspire people to improve their skin-connection and enhance their skincare routine through Japanese beauty philosophy, technique and product.
My skincare collection delivers high-quality performance, ease of use and the skincare results you want and need. 
All products have been personally tested and selected based on three key values:


Pure, natural formulas; authentic and ethical brands. 


Ease of use, to create a simple skincare routine. 


High-quality performance skincare that deliver real results.




Sterre Rose Beauty






STORY — Sterre Rose Beauty was born from my lifelong passion for skincare. I have always been interested in skincare but felt that something was missing from the Western approach, which tends to focus on "fixing" skin concerns.

Even when I was knee deep in a career in brand marketing, I couldn't ignore my passion for beauty. As I began to hear more about the Japanese approach to taking care of one's skin, I noticed that Japanese brands were receiving rave reviews and became curious to try this for myself. I found myself gravitating towards the Japanese culture including their dedication to aesthetics that extends into all facets of life. That's when I decided to study in Japan. 

My skincare studies in Okinawa, one of the world's Blue Zones, renowned for longevity and healthy aging, have sparked my love affair with the way the Japanese approach beauty. The Japanese approach is about having the best skin of your life — at any age. I adopted a Japanese skincare routine known for it's hydrating and calming benefits. Obsessed with the incredible results for my skin, I immediately knew I would like to share these beauty secrets. I now believe in a more gentle and positive approach to skincare.

I founded Sterre Rose Beauty to share with you the J-beauty brands that I believe in. They have been carefully curated to provide you with a simple but effective skincare routine that reflects Japanese beauty and skincare technique. Thank you for your interest in Sterre Rose Beauty. I wish you lots of fun discovering my personal skincare recommendations — and hope you will fall in love with Japanese beauty as much as I have.  With Love,

Sterre Rose