• 1. What is Japanese Beauty/J-Beauty?

    J-Beauty stands for 'Japanese beauty' — a collective name for products, trends, and techniques originating from Japan, deriving from their beauty methods and habits. 'J-Beauty' is a brand apart, because it is deeply rooted in the Japanese tradition and culture.

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  • 2. What makes Japanese Beauty special?

    Japan has the highest per capita spending on skincare and cosmetics in the world. Their refined beauty culture has resulted in top quality skincare, manufactured to the highest beauty standard. Japanese skincare is top-quality, luxurious and efficacious—at great value.

    Japanese Beauty has a holistic, effortless and natural approach to beauty overall; and is known for its hydrating, soothing and calming benefits. Japanese skincare formulas embody a gentle strength and efficacy without being harsh on the skin.

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  • 3. How do I follow a Japanese Beauty routine?

    The timeless four-step Japanese skincare ritual caters to every skin type. It's simple and straightforward; just four streamlined steps. An efficient skincare routine that is easy to remain consistent with on a daily basis, and gets you the skincare results you want and need.

    Step 1 - PURIFY with a gentle cleanser.
    Step 2 - PLUMP with a hydrating lotion.
    Step 3 - HEAL with a powerful serum.
    Step 4 - NOURISH with a rich moisturiser. 

    Check out our simple step by step guide to the four-step Japanese skincare routine. 

  • 4. Why did you start Sterre Rose Beauty?

    Sterre Rose Beauty was born from passion & curiosity. 

    During her travels to Japan Sterre Rose discovered top-quality skincare products and became inspired by the refined Japanese beauty culture. Obsessed with the incredible results for her skin, she instantly knew that she would like to share these beauty secrets.

    She decided to launch beauty platform Sterre Rose Beauty to share Japanese Beauty philosophy, technique and product, so that others too can experience the results.

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  • 5. New to Japanese Beauty, and not sure where to start?

    Skincare is about finding what works for you and what you love. It is my passion to help you find that. Click here to learn more on complimentary live skincare consultation with Sterre Rose.

    If you want to discover Japanese Beauty products and experience the results for yourself, I either suggest incorporating new products that are not yet part of your skincare routine, or replacing products by more gentle J-Beauty products.

    💮 Incorporate new products to your skincare routine

    J-Beauty products will improve the performance of your existing skincare favourites. You'll greatly benefit from a product or two. Keep any products that you love — and complement them with state of the art Japanese cleansing oilslotionsbeauty oilsmoisturisers, and a sheet mask on the regular — they can work together.

    For example, incorporate a hydrating Japanese Lotion after your morning and evening cleansing ritual;  indulge in a weekly sheet mask; or if you are currently not using a serum, enhance your daily routine with this powerful rich liquid. 

    💮 Replacing current products to J-Beauty 

    I strongly advise incorporate a gentle Japanese Cleansing Oil as your key cleanser. A Japanese cleansing oil thoroughly cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural moisture, leaving skin balanced and nourished.

    Replace physical exfoliators/scrubs (those with rough little bits of material) with a natural and 100% biodegradable and super-gentle-on-the-skin Japanese Konjac Sponge.

    Replace toners with a hydrating Japanese Lotion, to flood your skin with a layer of moisture after cleansing, and to supercharge performance of any product that follows - such as serum or beauty oil. 

    You will soon notice the benefits; you skin will look and feel more clear, calm, smooth and soft. Once you experience the benefits of these J-beauty products you will want to discover other Japanese skincare products too! 

  • 6. Are Japanese Beauty products whitening?

    Great question!

    There are no whitening skincare products in Sterre Rose Beauty's portfolio. However, there are 'brightening' products. Please read on to learn the difference.

    In Japanese culture, true beauty lies on a healthy skin base. 'Bihaku' skin is the beauty ideal in Japan. Bihaku (美白) is a Japanese term meaning "beautifully white" which was coined in the early 1900s with the emergence of skin whitening products and cosmetics.

    ‘Bihaku skin’ is achieved by protecting the skin, staying out of the sun and consistently using SPF every day. ‘Whitening’ skincare products also exist. However, the Japanese are very careful with their skin, and do not use any aggressive skincare products containing 'bleach'.

    There is a difference between "whitening" and "brightening" products. Whitening provides a lighter complexion, brightening fights dull skin. Your complexion becomes brighter, more radiant and luminous. For example, skin can become dull in the colder seasons. Brightening products are a great solution to improve a healthy glow and radiance. 

    The Skin Clear Silky Lotion from Makanai is a brightening product, the name says it all ‘Skin Clear’. This product will not whiten your skin, but refreshes your complexion and improves skin luminosity! 

  • 7. I don't speak Japanese!

    No worries — (nor do I, but I am learning!) All products come with English packaging, or labeling. 

  • 8. What about safety? Is Japanese Beauty safe to use?

    All products in Sterre Rose Beauty's portfolio have passed laboratory tests in Europe, according to the European Cosmetics Law N 1223/2009, and are registered and labeled by a RP (Responsible Person) in the European Union. 

    Sterre Rose Beauty works directly with brands and official partners. Japanese Beauty is safe to use for all skin types.  

  • 9. I have a brand/product question !

    Thanks for your interest in the brands & products in the Sterre Rose Beauty portfolio!

    Shoot me an email at info@sterrerosebeauty.com, and expect an answer within two business days. 

  • 10. Where do you ship to?

    Sterre Rose Beauty ships worldwide. Shipping costs & delivery depend on destination. 

    Please check the Shipping & Returns page for all info. 

  • 11. What is the Shipping & Returns policy?

    For all questions related to Shipping & Returns please refer to the Shipping & Returns page.

  • 12. Question about an order placed on sterrerosebeauty.com?

    Please contact info@sterrerosebeauty.com and if applicable, include your order number.
    *please note: canceling or altering orders once they have been placed is not possible.* 

    I placed an order but didn't receive a confirmation email! 
    Please check your spam mailbox. Still no message? Shoot a quick email to info@sterrerosebeauty.com and we'll resend your order confirmation. 

  • 13. I am interested in collaborating!

    Thank you for your interest in Sterre Rose Beauty. 

    I'd love to hear from you, simply message me on info@sterrerosebeauty.com and I'll get back to you shortly. 

  • 14. Press Inquiries

    Press inquiries?

    Thank you for your interest in Sterre Rose Beauty! 

    Please reach out to press@sterrerosebeauty.com for all press-related inquiries. 

    Sterre Rose is available for interviews.

  • 15. Wholesale Inquiries

    Wholesale inquiries?

    Thank you for your interest in products in the Sterre Rose Beauty portfolio. 

    Sterre Rose Beauty is the official distributor in the Netherlands for Ruhaku Certified Organic Skincare.


    Please reach out to info@sterrerosebeauty.com for all wholesale inquiries. 

  • 16. What are the differences between J-beauty & K-beauty?

    A lot of what we see come out of Korea is trend-based or 'on-demand' beauty. They are obsessed with instantaneous results, the latest gadgets, which is why many of their products usually have quirky looking colours, packaging and formulas. It's the best of fun and fast. A Korean beauty routine can consist of twelve or more steps. 

    Japanese Beauty is more simple and modest. J-Beauty is about health consciousness and has an holistic approach. It's about careful refinement and longevity, beauty care in the long term. Skincare formulations are carefully contemplated to create products that are efficacious, luxurious and timeless. While Japan is seen globally as leader in innovation in skincare, they are generally not trend-driven. The classic Japanese beauty ritual consists of four steps. 

    I say there's room for both Japanese and Korean beauty products in your bathroom cabinet. Choose J-Beauty if you prefer a holistic approach, timelessness, and a simple skincare routine.

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