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Camellia Oil Eye Roll-On
Camellia Oil Eye Roll-On
Camellia Oil Eye Roll-On

Camellia Oil Eye Roll-On


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The Camellia Oil Eye Roll-on is formulated to smooth, tone and brighten the delicate under-eye area for a youthful and radiant appearance. A nourishing dry oil in a convenient roller ball applicator. High in antioxidants and essential fatty oils. 

Keep the Eye Roll-On in your bag to effortlessly relief dry skin while traveling and on the go. 
Compact, convenient and efficient. 


Bio certified. Ecologically guaranteed cosmetic.



No animal testing.


Exclusive at Sterre Rose Beauty.


Vegan certified. Free of any animal components and/or animal by-products.

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Suitable for
• All skin types
• Recommended especially for dry, sensitive and mature skin

• Size: 5ML 
• Glass bottled with roller ball applicator

Key benefits 
• Nourishing dry oil that quickly absorbs into skin
• Smoothes fine lines by hydrating the delicate under-eye area
• High in antioxidants, essential fatty-acids and nutrients 
• 100% organic cold-pressed camellia oil 
• Roller ball applicator for ease of use and cooling effect 
• Multipurpose, for eye area, lips, cuticles and hands
• Compact, convenient and efficient
• Bio and vegan certification 

How to use

Instructions for Use
• Use morning and/or evening after cleansing and lotion
• Gently roll oil under eye area. Pat gently with your ring finger to enhance absorption
• Can also be used throughout the day whenever the under eye-area feels dry and in need of instant hydration.
• May also be used to treat cuticles, lips, hands or any specific dry patches on skin


Formulated with
• 100% organic virgin camellia oil (Japanese Rose) of the highest quality, cold pressed without chemical procedures.*
•* The camellia oil may have a distinct aroma from the camellia flower seed. This is completely normal as it is a 100% natural cold pressed oil, without additions of any chemicals or perfumes. The cold pressing procedure ensures the most antioxidant properties are maintained. 

Formulated without
Any chemical additives, parabens or perfumes


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