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Herbal Bath Infusion - Green Tea
Herbal Bath Infusion - Green Tea
Herbal Bath Infusion - Green Tea
Herbal Bath Infusion - Green Tea

Herbal Bath Infusion - Green Tea


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Bathing is an essential part of Japanese culture. 

Create your own healing space at home with our luxurious series of natural and fragrant Herbal Bath Infusions. Select your favourite scent from a variety of different herbs and flowers including Mandarine, Japanese Cypress, Green Tea, Yuzu... to suit your mood and body's needs.

Thanks to its mega-doses of antioxidants green tea has been proven to reduce inflammation and counter premature ageing. 


No animal testing.


Exclusive at Sterre Rose Beauty.

Clean Beauty

Natural care free from any chemicals.


Free of any animal components and/or animal by-products.

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• 2 herbal sachets
• Reusable fabric pouch


• Creates a herbal healing bath
• Soothing and calming experience, inspired by Japanese bathing culture
• High in antioxidants
• Reduces skin inflammation, redness and premature aging 
• Formulated with Green tea & Matcha 
• Packaged in beautiful reusable fabric pouch

How to use

Instructions for Use

• Fill the bath tub with comfortably warm water
• Insert the Herbal Bath Infusion bag (without opening the sachet) and let the herbs steep
• Immerse yourself in the bath, sit back and relax
• After use, air-dry the sachet, and re-purpose as natural freshener by placing sachet in the wardrobe, shoe or car


Formulated with

• Japanese green tea and matcha

Ingredients list 

• Green tea, Hojicha, bay leaves, matcha, perfume, chlorophylline and copper sodium

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