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Aluminium Incense Dish
Aluminium Incense Dish
Aluminium Incense Dish
Aluminium Incense Dish
Aluminium Incense Dish

Aluminium Incense Dish


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The traditional practice of burning incense takes on a modern flare with this fine, textured aluminium incense tray. Spark an authentic feel of Japanese tradition and beauty in your home. 

This fine incense tray from textured aluminium is designed by Hakuhodo Sumitani Saburo, a metallurgical house with a heritage of more than 400 years of Japanese know-how. Pairs perfectly with Luna Brass Incense Holder


Handmade in Japan.
Authentic Japanese craftsmanship.

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• Size: W105 × H6mm
• Weight: 80g
• Material: Aluminium
• Made in: Takaoka City, Japan


• Timeless piece fitting any interior
• Made from 100% textured aluminium
• Authentic Japanese craftsmanship


How to use

How to use

• Place the Luna Brass Incense Holder on the Incense dish
• Rotate the ball to adjust the angle of the stick and light your incense
• Use a cloth to clean the incense tray. 

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