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Yuzu Essential Oil
Yuzu Essential Oil
Yuzu Essential Oil
Yuzu Essential Oil
Yuzu Essential Oil
Yuzu Essential Oil

Yuzu Essential Oil


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A naturally sweet and refreshing scent with a gentle sentimentality. 

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit from Kochi prefecture. 
The feature of this aroma is gentle sweetness, a scent that embodies freshness and joy, naturally uplifting your mood. 


100% pure and natural essential oils blend


No animal testing.


Free of any animal components and/or animal by-products.

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Size: 10ML, glass-bottled
Botanical: Yuzu
Origin: Kochi prefecture, Japan
Aroma: gentle citrus sweetness, slight bitterness
Aromatherapy benefit: uplifts your mood

• 100% pure and natural essential oil blend
• Unique blend from Japanese Botanical Air collection
• Made with Japanese citrus fruit
• Fine subtle scent transports you to rural Japan
• Naturally uplifts your mood through aromatherapy

How to use

How to Use
• We recommend pairing the product with Tokoname Aroma Stone Diffuser for the best experience
• This is a personal diffuser, designed to subtly scent your personal space (workplace, bedroom, beauty space) 
• Apply 3 - 5 drops of essential oil onto the stone diffuser and enjoy the natural aromatherapy experience
• Add more drops if the scent begins to fade
• Oil blend can also be used with your regular diffuser, follow usual instructions 

Tokoname Stone Diffuser

• Store in a cool place avoiding sunlight
• Avoid using or storing near fire
• Keep out of reach of children
• Do not drink the oil and do not apply directly onto the skin
• Securely fasten the cap after each use and use within a year of purchase date
• If spilled, wipe immediately as it may damage or discolor surfaces
• If the oil comes directly in contact with eyes, rinse eyes thoroughly with water and seek immediate medical attention
• If you are concerned about your physical condition, such as allergies and chemical sensitivities, consult a health care practitioner before use
• Stop using, if you feel unwell during use


Formulated with
Yuzu, Lyokan, Kabosu, Grapefruit, Orange

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit deeply connected to Japanese culture and customs, originating from Kochi prefecture

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